Who Are You? (The Who 1978)

By | 29th December 2015

A few years ago we had another Aston Villa fan site called Deadly Doug – it contained the usual stuff about the club, players and fans that you would normally find on a fan based site. It had a little bit of success – sections being published in a book along with a mention in Karren Brady’s column in The Sun. And it had a little bit of infamy – when the Premier League threatened to sue us (but we can’t talk about that).

Time constraints and having to watch some really awful football lost the enthusiasm and creative juices for writing about the club we love. The website folded (with an aborted resurrection a couple of years ago) and all our thoughts remained in our heads rather than in print.

But 2015 has been a real ‘annus horribilis’ for the Villa and the club need all the support they can get. Well, OK, what we really mean is that when the club is this low there are far too many sarcastic comments to miss out on. So, we’re back…

But why is the blog called Deadly Doug?

It’s simple really. Of course we all know that Sir Herbert Douglas Ellis was the Chairman of Aston Villa for many years and he had the nickname of ‘Deadly Doug’. The reason our website is named after him is that when he took Aston Villa on the London Stock Exchange an original £12 share suddenly became 100 shares worth £10 each. Sold 90 shares and effectively got a free season ticket for three years – result, the man will always be a hero in our books!