Blank Expression (The Specials 1979)

By | 30th December 2015

Is it me, or does Remi Garde show absolutely no expression on his face during a game? He makes his so called mentor Arsene Wenger look positively animated sitting on the bench.


So far we have only seen the odd smile, fist pump or hands raised in the sky by our man in charge. Now this of course could be that all he has been watching so far in his reign is a shower of shite (he’s the lucky one, we have had to endure it for years). Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop him constantly hurling abuse (sorry encouragement) at his players – let’s face it, how hard can it be when Kieran Richardson is on the pitch?

What I like to see in a manager is a bit of passion…

Tim Sherwood running down the touchline after Villa scoring (remember, we used to do that) or doing his hamstring in kicking a water bottle carrier?

Martin O’Neill jumping up and down on the touchline yelling (at players, referees, well anybody really)

John Gregory saying about Dwight Yorke ‘If I’d had a gun I would have shot him’ (though arguably most Villa fans could have said that at anytime in Dwight’s first three years at Villa)

What I don’t want to see is a manager sitting on the bench, occasionally venturing into the technical area with a blank expression on his face. Right now we need constant encouragement and marshalling of the players on the pitch – lets face it, some of them look like they haven’t got a clue what they should be doing on the pitch. If we are going to get another victory this season (and I’m not that optimistic) it’s going to be the manager that gets us there as most of the players aren’t good enough.

So come on Remi – show us what you’re made of!