What A Waste (Ian Dury & The Blockheads 1977)

By | 30th January 2016

At 11.01pm on Monday 1st February it looks highly likely that Charles N’Zogbia will still be an Aston Villa player happy to sit out the remaining six months of his reputed £65,000 a week contract. Surely this a bigger crime than some of the suits he has been seen wearing around the club?


When Alex McLeish signed Charles N’Zogbia in July 2011 it looked as though life might not be so bad after all being managed by an ex-Bluenose. Villa were paying around £9.5m for a player that had largely been personally responsible for keeping Wigan Athletic in the Premier League for the previous two seasons.

Move forward nearly five years and the optimism of his arrival evaporated a long time ago. Despite coming back from injury after missing the whole of the 2013/14 season, he has only played in 89 games and scored 5 goals. For Wigan Athletic he scored a goal every five games – for Villa, the ratio is more like a goal every eighteen games (and none since February 2013).

So, taking a phrase from our wonderful CEO Tom Fox’s homeland, ‘lets do the math’. Assuming the contract is worth £65,000, when you add on the national insurance contributions the club has to pay it’s nearly £72,000 per week. For ease, we’ll round that down to £70,000 and forget any other costs that he incurs the club (insurance, pension etc). So, up to the end of January 2016, that makes around £16.5m in wages plus £9.5m in base salary – a massive total of £26m!

Whether you express that as nearly £300k per game or £5.2m per goal you get the same answer. Charles N’Zogbia – what a waste!