Wise Up! Sucker (Pop Will Eat Itself 1989)

By | 4th February 2016

Having had a couple of days to mull over it, I still can’t think what was going through Jordan Ayew’s head when he struck out against Aaron Cresswell. Watching the TV replays back, there does not look any real provocation. But in the space of around ten seconds the game was completely turned on it’s head.


This season Villa have hardly been a potent attacking force, and with two forwards injured already, the last thing required was a three game ban for the leading scorer in the league. Though not yet mathematical, relegation was already probable – with Ayew’s actions on Tuesday night that now becomes definite.

The backlash that followed from fans was hardly surprising given the previous day’s inaction. So the apology that came forward was the right thing to do, but how sincere was it?

Ayew will miss the next three league games, receive a club fine and, it would appear, got a severe dressing down from Remi Garde. Does he care though? Is he going to be a player that is fighting next season to get Villa out of the Championship or is he planning his move out of Villa Park at the end of the season already?

Remember, prior to joining Villa he was looking to go on strike to force a move from Lorient – what’s the betting he uses a similar tactic if he doesn’t fancy a season (or three) in the Championship? What he really needs to do is wise up. Half a dozen goals isn’t really a great tally for a Premiership striker – maybe next season he will find his true level?