Showdown (Pendulum 2008)

By | 5th February 2016

Well how many times this season have we said that the next game is ‘make or break’ for Aston Villa? Whatever the result against Norwich tomorrow we have all known for a few weeks that the club will be in the Championship next season. Yet…


An improbable victory would close the gap to safety to only seven points. OK, for seven points read three wins but it would leave that minute bit of hope in a season full of disaster after disaster.

I’m getting too emotional, there is no hope, we are going down. People can say ‘but look what Leicester did last season? – fine, but how many times last season did you say ‘but they played well’ after losing a game. That’s the point – there were plenty of games that they played well in last season yet still lost. How many times have Villa lost this season and you’ve said that we’ve played really well (I’ll give you Leicester away for free).

So, what do I mean tomorrow’s game is a showdown? It’s because it should be the day when we admit our fate and go out and play with some pride and enjoyment. Let the players relax, have some freedom and take some risks. We are more than capable of beating Norwich tomorrow but we won’t until we can throw of all the monkeys from the players backs.

Showdown at Villa Park tomorrow – let’s see the football we want to see next season not what we have had to get used to this season.