Walls Come Tumbling Down (The Style Council 1985)

By | 16th February 2016

Football always kicks you when you’re down. After the slight glimmer of hope following the Norwich victory, normal service was resumed on Sunday, and some! Let’s face it, losing by a couple of goals would have been expected. But it was the manner of defeat and the attitude of some of the players that still leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.


Forget for a minute how the club is currently being run (we will be coming back to that many times over the next few months). On Sunday we started with eleven professional premier league footballers who are all paid far in excess of most people’s wildest dreams. Yet the way some of them played (and reacted afterwards) shows that the club is currently rotten all the way through. On Sunday, the walks didn’t just come tumbling down on Aston Villa’s Premier League status – the windows caved in and every possession was completely trashed.

It was deep into the second half when Scott Sinclair hit the post – our first meaningful chance in the game. This was hardly surprising as for most of the game we had played with one up front (in the loosest sense of the word). The hardest thing to work out is why we were only playing one up front when we didn’t appear to be playing anybody in defence.

Our defending was criminal from Sturridge’s first goal to the absolute joke that was Toure’s sixth. For years, whilst he was playing at Everton and Manchester City, I wanted to get Joleon Lescott to Villa Park – same goes for Micah Richards during his wilderness days. I really wished we hadn’t bothered – and don’t get me started on Bacuna, Okore and Cissokho. I know Bacuna wasn’t playing in defence but only God knows what he was doing on the pitch.

So, where do we go from here? Thoughts for another day.