That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore (The Smiths 1985)

By | 20th February 2016

After losing 6-0 to Liverpool last week you wouldn’t have thought it could possibly get any worse. The club was already a laughing stock in England and was now being shown to be a total joke across the World thanks to the live TV coverage. Poor performances, no signings in the January transfer window, very little information or talking coming out of the senior management of the club – what a joke Aston Villa was becoming. And then it did get worse…


First out the blocks was dear old Joleon Lescott ‘accidentally’ posting on Twitter a picture of a Mercedes car immediately after the game and ‘accidentally’ forgetting to remove it. Unlike the later tweet ‘allegedly’ saying he was going back to his model wife to count his money which was removed.

Not wanting to leave it there he then offered to ‘meet up’ with a fan at Bodymoor Heath who was insulting him on twitter (which, if true, is a stupid action by the fan) before ending the week with an interview with Henry Winter from The Times where he was quoted as saying ‘there is something wrong with the whole foundations’ of the club (no shit, Sherlock).

We also heard of fans being removed from Villa Park (and having their season tickets taken from them) for ‘insulting’ CEO Tom Fox. This was backed up later in the week from an ex Villa employee who said that the club was now hiring bodyguards to protect the senior management of the club – you couldn’t make it up could you?

Finally, we’ve also learnt that the Chief Financial Officer of the club, Robin Russell, resigned his directorships on 11th February 2016. He’s still listed as a director on the Villa web-site, though that’s not too concerning as Mervyn King isn’t (so Tom Fox, are we still working on that new website you promised at the Villa Trust AGM?).

This isn’t funny anymore. The club we all love appears to be imploding with nobody within the senior management making any statement of what direction we are heading towards. And they wonder why they are getting abuse from fans?