From Despair to Where (Manic Street Preachers 1993)

By | 3rd March 2016

After the Liverpool defeat, the Lescott affair(s), fans being throw out and their season tickets being removed (then given back) and directors resigning it looked like Aston Villa had hit rock bottom. It really couldn’t get any worse. But it did – two gutless defeats against Stoke City and Everton followed, the latter game seeing fans leaving the ground on 74 minutes as a protest against Randy Lerner and Tom Fox. There would probably have been more fans drifting out had they not already left after the third goal that Villa had conceded.


The next day the press started speculating on what response Steve Hollis would have following his review of the club. The review was yet another waste of money – most fans would have been able to tell him for free what was wrong and what needed to happen. Get rid of Fox, Almstadt, Riley, most of the first team and probably Remi Garde. And today we are starting to hear rumours of the playing staff split down the middle in their support of the manager – you really couldn’t make it up.

So, where do we go from here (apart from Brentford, Preston and Small Heath)?

Firstly we need in place the people who will be sourcing and managing the team next season. The planning has to start now – I want a transfer deadline day in August like the one we had in January. The playing squad needs to be complete by the end of July with a manager ready to mould the team together quickly.

Secondly we have to change the senior management – get a CEO in that understands how to run a football club and, if we have to have the position, get in a Director of Football who is an ex-pro and, hopefully, already has an affinity with the club.

Finally we need a change of ownership. Unfortunately I can only see that happening when Villa get back into the Premier League and that may not be any time soon.

Let’s hope the next post has a slightly more uplifting song title.