World in Motion (New Order 1990)

By | 4th April 2016

Football is a game of momentum, and that can be both positive and negative. So let’s go back to Sunday 13th September 2015 at around 5pm. Aston Villa are leading Leicester City 2-0 at The King Power Stadium heading for the top half of the table with Leicester falling seven points behind leaders Manchester City. Scorer of the first Villa goal, Jack Grealish, is still considering his international future – maybe England isn’t such a bad shout over the Republic of Ireland? And then the wheels fell off…


Aston Villa aren’t in the position they are in now because they lost this game – relegation has been edging ever closer for a number of seasons. But going back to that word ‘momentum’ shows that if it’s with you then you can move forward but if it’s against you then it is really hard to stop the downward spiral.

Right now it’s Leicester City who are top of the Premier League by seven points and there does appear to be the start of a new order as its Tottenham Hotspur who are their only realistic contenders for the title. The World of football is indeed moving, but unfortunately for Aston Villa that is downwards and into the Championship. In fact, I would wager there is more chance of Leicester NOT winning the league than there is of Aston Villa winning another game this season (I want to say winning another point but surely that is too pessimistic?).

But with hindsight, Villa’s demise was easy to guess. I last saw New Order play in 1986 and will be seeing them again at Glastonbury in 2016. What do the seasons 1986/87 and 2015/16 have in common? You do the maths.