Long Hot Summer (The Style Council 1983)

By | 23rd July 2016

You can probably write down all of the positives of the 2015/16 season for Aston Villa on the back of a postage stamp. Right, I’ve been thinking of them for the last ten minutes and the only one I can think of is Steve Hollis’ short stint with the club as he managed to sell us to Dr Tony Jiantong Xia and end the Randy Lerner years (just thought of another – bringing back Brian Little to guide the Board).

It was actually ten years ago this month that Lerner first began negotiating to take over the club and the first few years of ownership promised so much more than where we find ourselves today. But, we are where we are, and in a couple of weeks Aston Villa will be back in the Football League.

Luckily we will be back in the Football League under new ownership following the sale of the club with the introduction of a new manager and coaching staff.


New players are starting to trickle in, Goalkeeper, Defender & Midfielder – but what we are crying out for is a new Striker (somebody that can actually get into double digits in ‘goals scored’ over a season without counting goals scored in training). The introduction of Roberto Di Matteo and Steve Clarke could be a master stroke – introducing style and steel into the dressing room. Whilst some fans may have called for more established managers we have to remember which division we are now in – we may not like the introduction of two ex-Olbion managers but one of them has won the European Cup which is more than Arsenal have ever done.

With two more weeks of pre-season to go we do need to bring in a few more players and ship out even more. But you have to remember that we are no longer on the top table and deals will be done first in the Premier League before opportunities trickle down into the Championship (still find that so hard to write after calling it ‘non-league’ football for so many years talking to my Wolves supporting father-in-law). I expect more deals to be done after the start of the season as the top European teams all circle around Leandro Bacuna.

So, now is the time not to dwell on where we could be – we need to concentrate on where we need to be at the end of the season. Everybody supporting the club, no matter what their individual thoughts are on the coaching and playing staff, and continuing this Long Hot Summer (of the last few days) by making the atmosphere white hot at Villa Park next season.

You can watch the video of ‘Long Hot Summer’ by clicking HERE