Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day 2004)

By | 9th September 2017

For many the Transfer Deadline Day (sponsored by Sky Sport News) is a distraction, a forlorn hope that their team is going to buy somebody that will actually improve their team. But it’s really only a distraction from what’s coming – the month of September – where they really can see where their season is going after all the Summer transfer activity (or inactivity) and the indifferent form of August.  So, after the international break, Aston Villa head straight into the start of that month with great optimism and exactly the same number of points they had at the same time last season.

Is September really as important as fans are making out?  Of the six games in September the target number of points seems to be within a range of 10-15 points – the lower range would put us mid-table with the upper range placing us in the Play Off positions.  Admittedly, of the top six teams at the end of September last year, three went up – but the other three finished 8th, 10th and 17th respectively. For the record, in September last year we managed six draws – would a repeat of that see people calling for Steve Bruce’s head again? They possibly should because that kind of record would place us near the trap door and, of the four bottom teams at the end of September, three were relegated.


So, that kind of analysis would suggest that a ‘good September’ would put us in the running for a return to the promised land and a ‘bad September’ would see more deadly buttons pressed than in North Korea. What would be worse is if we had an ‘average September’ – this would resign ourselves to the ‘Play-Offs at best’ but probably not change the management team.

So here’s hoping, but personally I just want September to be over so I can safe in the knowledge that I know where my club is heading.  Right now, all I have is hope and optimism and we all know that those two words really don’t fit with being Aston Villa fans.

You can watch the video of ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ by clicking HERE