Hate To Say I Told You So (The Hives 2000)

By | 14th September 2017

Last week, as we headed for two home games after the international break, we warned how important September could be but how that we just wanted it to end as it usually kicks us right in the proverbial.  Well guess what? We were bang on. In two games we managed less than eight shots and managed to score zero goals.  Surely only the most optimistic Aston Villa fans could possibly take a positive out of those two performances (and don’t dare say – at least we had two clean sheets!).


Steve Bruce really needs to bow his head in shame as the standard of football at Villa Park (apart from the Norwich game) has been extremely poor and not what Villa fans expect from this very expensive put together team.  Aston Villa have spent more on forwards in the last couple of years than they had spent in the previous five years – but only one has shown any real goal scoring prowess and unfortunately he has been injured most of the season so far.

When the season started, Keith Wyness stressed how important goals would be in the promotion campaign – so far this season we have scored one less goal in the first seven games than we did last season.  Formations are being changed for each game (sometimes at least twice in the same game) as are the personnel which leads to only one real conclusion – Steve Bruce doesn’t know what he’s doing.

But unfortunately we are not losing, and what that means is that the Board are less likely to sack the manager which is what we said last week would be the worse thing that could happen in September.  Hate to say it…

You can watch the video of ‘Hate To Say I Told You So’ by clicking HERE