Move On Up (The Jam 1982)

By | 28th November 2017

In the last week, Aston Villa have gained nine points in their Championship campaign – to put that into context, from the start of the 2015/16, it took Villa five months to gain nine points. By any means, things are certainly going well in B6 and the fact that most of the attendances at Villa Park are 30,000+ is a testament that the Villa fans are getting behind the team again.  This is a significant point, during the latter years of the Lerner administration Villa fans felt very remote from the playing staff.

So, can Villa gain promotion back to the ‘Big League’.  Firstly, for me, it’s not about winning the Championship this year – all I care is about promotion and if that comes from a sixth placed Play Off place I would grab it with both hands.  Hate to admit it, but right now, Wolves are way above anyone else in this league – but they can only win one out of the three promotion places. So Steve Bruce has got two further chances and I hope he doesn’t blow it.

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Villa may not be in an automatic promotion place right now but should take notice of how form and confidence plays a big part in how your season pans out.  In 2015/16 Villa couldn’t buy a win and as loss followed loss you could see the player’s faces fall once a goal was conceded.  It meant that going into the next game people were scared of trying something in case it failed and that, in itself, created more defeats – it was a vicious circle.

Fast forward a couple of years and you can see how the confidence is building as win follows win – players trying things that they may not have dared before (the Snodgrass pass for Adomah’s second goal against Ipswich). The look on player’s faces after the game – the look on the fan’s faces after the game. The way we are playing we may have another dip like the Sheffield Wednesday game, but the next time that happens, the confidence the players have may see them scrape the win.

Things are definitely picking up for Aston Villa right now, they have got themselves in a good position before Christmas – lets hope they go on in the same way over the next few games and we could then really start thinking about moving on up in 2018.

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