Hush (Kula Shaker 1996)

By | 12th May 2018

Football is all about opinions – you can have one and I can have one as well, they don’t need to be the same.

For example, during Big Fat Ron’s reign I was a consistent critic of Steve Staunton. Not sure why now as, on reflection, he’s probably one of the better left backs we’ve had over the last thirty years. But I do remember one game when I spent most of the ninety minutes hurling insult after insult at the way he was playing. Switching on the radio as I got in the car after the game, on came Ron Atkinson, who then proceeded to explain to the interviewer how he thought Staunton had been our best player that day.

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Aston Villa are entering into two (hopefully three) games over the next couple of weeks which will seal which division they play in next season. Now, we may have enjoyed certain things about playing in the very competitive Championship, but the Premier League is where all the money is. We therefore need to take this second chance and win promotion. To get promotion we ALL need to stick together, fans, players, management and officials.

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So where is this going? It’s simple really, we can all have our own opinion and sometimes people express them and sometimes they don’t. But can I make a suggestion? Over the next couple of weeks only open your mouth to support the team. I don’t care whether you are for or against Steve Bruce, prefer Whelan or Jedinak (personally I would go for Bjarnason all day long) want Grabban or Kodjia. Keep your opinions zipped and just support the team – we are all in it together!

You can watch the video of ‘Hush’ by clicking HERE