Push the Button (Sugarbabes 2005)

By | 16th September 2018

In around a month’s time Steve Bruce will have been Aston Villa manager for two years – for many of us that is far too long. Personally I would have liked him to step down as manager after the Play Off final whether we won or lost (especially though as we lost!). The football we have played has probably been the most depressing I’ve seen in over forty years – with the players he has had at his disposal promotion (and with it fast attacking football) should have been a certainty.

You can probably count on one hand the number of games during his reign that have really exited fans – the last one being in March against Wolves. Far too often the football is safety first, trying not to lose. But guess what Steve? If you actually go for it in games you may win one and lose the next – but that will still give you more points that always trying for a draw. Villa fans are getting bored with the same garbage after each draw / defeat – ‘I’m having a tough time as I’ve only got players on loan, we’ll get there eventually’. Will we Steve? I doubt it and I’m pretty fed up that you keep saying you still haven’t found the right system for the players (that you’ve got in to the club). Surely, as a manager, you should have a system that you want to play and then get the players to fit around YOUR system.

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With the new investment that has come in to the club and, along with it, a new CEO that has the experience of leading top football clubs it’s not too late to get a new manager in to steer us back in to the Premiership. We’ve played less than ten games of the season – a new progressive, attacking minded manager should walk this league with the players that he has at his disposal. So, Christian Purslow, on behalf of all Aston Villa fans it’s time to push the button and get rid of Steve Bruce – now!

You can watch the video of ‘Push the Button’ by clicking HERE.